DOJ Arrests Michigan Doctor For Genital Mutilation of Six Year Old Girls – Katie Pavlich

And here we go. We can’t learn from Europe. Nor can we pay ANY fucking attention to the studies done in this Country 200 g dam years ago that showed us this “specific” culture or “religion” was antithetical to the Constitution and the Freedoms enjoyed in the US. Why the F do you think there’s never been ISLAMIC people in the US until now? Because WE DIDN’T LET THEM IN , THEY’RE BARBARIC AND THEY DON’T ASSIMILATE – PERIOD. I’m sick and tired of the left ignoring the things that have put in place in this country. There’s a reason there was a “Loyalty Oath” that college Professors had to take. Now that the SCOTUS has done away with it we’re seeing the very behaviors that made it necessary to begin with. 

There’s also a reason why we only allowed European Christians into this Country. Because THATS WHO FOUNDED IT, AND IT WAS FOUNDED FOR THE SAME!!  It’s to dam bad that our “Whiteness” offends some. Our “Eurocentric” education worked very well since that’s WHO IT WAS GEARED TO. 

We’ve now got a big problem on our hands because of the Communist policies of the left. If we don’t take drastic measures NOW (because we’ve done NOTHING for 50 yrs) in 10 yrs the children of today will be at best relegated to the fringes of society as 3rd class citizens. At worst they’ll be murdered in the streets openly with Gov’t blessing as in S Africa. We’ve allowed our children 5yrs and under to become a the minority in their own nation. How dare we leave them in such a place? 

Today the first FGM case – Tomorrow the first Shari’a courts. 


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