Islam’s “Canine Genocide” Severely Escalating Across the Entire Muslim World (Leaked Videos)

These fucking people are sick and twisted! I wonder what brought on the “dog hatred” by Muhammad? Dogs wouldn’t be “violated” and bit him? Ugh
Thank God we have a POTUS who’s not a complete moron about Islam and has their number.

sharia unveiled


Muslims Seek the Complete and Total Eradication of Dogs…via Extermination

by, J. Schuyler Montague | sharia unveiled | Vlad Tepes | h/t Martin

Recently, we published an article entitled; ‘..Islamic Republic of Pakistan Engages in a ‘..Canine Cleansing..’ of Man’s Best Friend..’, exposing Pakistan’s indiscriminate slaughter of dogs across the Islamic country.

Well, once again..this time thanks to the astute insight of a Vlad Tepes reader, a dossier of hidden videos have been leaked. And, in keeping with our pledge to expose the truth..they are now being made available to our readers.

The indiscriminate “Canine Genocide” is rapidly spreading across the Middle East, and as you will see for yourself, the methods of slaughter and disposal transcend above and beyond cruelty to animals…

This is an absolute tragic torture of Man’s Best Friend…

A Special ‘Thank you’ to Eeyore and Martin @ Vlad Tepes.

We will begin our ‘Tour of…

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