Muslim Brotherhoods conquest of Europe.

To me, the question is simple. Why is Europe (the West in general) tolerating any people who’s ultimate goal is to depose your Democratic Gov’t and replace it with their own form of Gov’t or law which is Shari’a?

What kind of society does that? Invites the wolf into the herd? It’s absolute insanity. These ppl are barely hiding their contempt for Western society and in many cases are up front about their refusal to integrate into our system. So why on earth allow them to set up shop, grow their coalition and give them political power? It’s as if we want to give them our Nations. Would you bring a pedophile home to play with your children? Especially after he’s TOLD you that his goal is to gain their trust so he can abuse them? Hell no!! So why are our political leaders throwing us to the wolves? Are they that dumb? Perhaps it’s time for European ppl and Americans to replace our own people (not our system) before they get us all killed. It’s obvious that eventually this is going to lead to a civil war. Once this population of Islamic people gets large enough they’re going to challenge for political control. It’s common sense, it’s the natural progression of things. I say, nip it in the bud right now. The Mosques, have to go. Islam has no place in the West, period. This is OUR Country, OUR HOME, OUR SYSTEM. We have a RIGHT to say who can and cannot be part of it. For the better of our majority, Islam isn’t welcome. Islam doesn’t welcome Christianity, Judaism, or western culture into their world. We should not be compelled to welcome them into ours.


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