The Forgotten Government Plan to Round Up Muslims – POLITICO Magazine

Dam shame Reagan didn’t get it done. But on the other hand, I know that in 4 yrs a whole lot of Arab and North African people can be removed as a threat. 

I don’t particularly care what bleeding heart liberals think, this Country LIKE ALL COUNTRIES on this planet was set up for like minded people, not cultures of people who don’t believe what we believe in, and who hate the very freedoms that we hold so dear. Do you see the Japanese 🏯opening the floodgates to Muslims? No, you don’t. And you know why? Because they’ve told Arab and African Nations that their culture isn’t compatible with Japanese culture. They have no trade problems either. 

This notion that America owes the entire world citizenship and a home is false along with the notion that we have no right to tell anyone who wants to live here no. Obamas the one that started selling that narrative and the United States and Europe (who’s basically just an extension of the US I’ve found. We seem to either control or heavily influence everything they do) are the ONLY Nations on the planet who’ve adopted this mentality. It’s destroying and is meant to destroy the West. 

BREAKING: “Weapons of Allah” Safe Houses Just Found, Huge Underground Mosque Network – Conservative Daily Post

AYFKM? And Democrats especially #Hillary want to call us #islamophobic for daring to question the refugee Policy? And Obama Adm STOPS the surveillance of Mosques? 

These Liberals, #Hillary is going to get a lot of people killed with her 500% increase of refugees! Wake up people! Is your personal hatred of Trump worth dying for? 

Read the Scary Descriptions of Refugees by Idaho Refugee Agency

This is nothing but an industry funded by the American people. They long ago changed the definition of “refugees” these people are NOT refugees. To add insult to injury, these people are being grouped together, ON PURPOSE further discouraging assimilation. Don’t forget these people are mostly socialist, that’s WHY they’re being brought! There will be a civil war eventually for political control of this Country. It’s absolutely unavoidable the way they’re doing this, grouping and discouraging assimilation. Let’s not forget these “cultures” are completely incompatible with American culture. And this is all at our expense. We’re paying to have our children’s home taken from them! And we haven’t discussed the rapes, assaults, murders, and torture that must be endured on our way to fighting for our Country which was already fought for! Are we really going to allow this to Continue?